Natural Earth Paint
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Natural Earth Paint


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Face painting fun for Halloween, festivals, theater, circus or parties! Made with organic and natural ingredients, these paints are durable AND wash off easily with just water. This is the most opaque and highest quality natural face paint available! Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

Contains: 6 containers of face paint and 3 bamboo makeup applicators. Colours: Red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white. Each container contains 11 grams/ .4 oz.

This clay and mineral-based face and body paint is similar to the original body paints first used by humans thousands of years ago. Not only are our paints safe, but you will nourish your skin with healthy skin conditioners such as organic, fair-trade Shea butter and organic castor seed oil.

Our Face Paint is certified non-toxic, and it is free of nanoparticles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and petroleum-based dyes.

Ingredients: distilled water, natural clay & mineral pigments, organic castor seed oil, Certified Organic Beeswax, Certified Organic Shea Nilotica (Fair-trade Shea butter), glycerin (from coconut oil), Cetearyl alcohol (from natural vegetable oils), carageenan seaweed, olive-mulse (olive-based emulsifier), and 1% Optiphen (a formaldehyde-free and paraben-free preservative).

NOTE: Shelf life is 2 years from the date of opening. Please keep the jar lids securely closed after each use.

Our packaging contains 100% post-consumer fiber.




退換貨政策 (範本) - 供店主參考使用 1. 在收到商品後,請立刻檢查商品是否正確,如有問題請於 3 個工作天內與我們聯絡並提供[訂單號碼、產品資料及換貨原因]。聯絡後 7 天內需寄回保持完整清潔 (包括任何產品標籤)的商品,超過時限未寄回視為不更換並取消保留。除了瑕疵品之外,其他原因換貨請自行支付來回運費。 -  退換貨須保持商品完整性。即商品無沾染彩妝、香水、汙漬等人為瑕疵、商品無下水,包裝、配件、標籤、說明書及訂單發票齊全完整。( 退貨時,如當初訂購商品有附贈品,此贈品須一併退回。) 2. 換貨後恕不接受退貨。 3. 基於衛生及安全理由,所有食品/飲品、已開封的護理產品均不接受更換或退款。 註 : 如有任何爭議,本店保留最終的決定權。 Return/Exchange Policy (Template) - for Sellers reference 1. Upon receipt, buyer should check the product is correct as ordered. Contact the Seller within 3 working days with order number, product info and reasons for return/exchange if there is any problem otherwise it is considered as acceptance. Deliver the product in the original packaging and in the same original condition to the Seller. Except for damaged product, buyer needs to bear the delivery cost. - Buyer must keep the product as clean as original - no contamination of make up, perfume or stains; return together with original packaging, accessories (if any), labels, manuals and invoices. (Buyer should also return free gift sent with the ordered product, if any.) 2. No Return will be accepted after product has been exchanged. 3. Return/Exchange for food, beverages and opened skin care products are not accepted. Remark: in case of any dispute, Seller reserves the final right of decision.


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